Prof. Bo-Yung Kiboyung-profilem

BA (Yonsei University, Korea), PhD (York University, UK)

Associate Professor
Department of Saemaul Studies & International Development
Department of Regional Development & Welfare Administration
(Graduate Course)
College of Political Science & Public Administration
Yeungnam University
Gyeongsan-si, Korea
E-mail boyung@boyung.net

Academic Interest Areas

  • Idea and policy develepment
  • Political ideology in Britain
  • Social care policy
  • Policy transfer between West and East
  • Service delivery and public management
  • East Asian social policy
  • Content analysis
  • Global social policy

Brief Biograph

As an activist of the Social Welfare Committee of the PSPD(People’s Solidarity for Paricipatory Democracy), I participated in the campaign to secure the national minimum of social welfare, and went to the University of York in Britain to find an alternative to the field practice of social welfare, and a Ph.D awarded on the thesis about the role of political ideology in social service policy development.

With central and regional research institutes such as the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, Seoul Welfare Foundation, and Gyeongbuk Happiness Foundation, I am constantly conducting policy researches in areas such as social services and delivery systems and continues to research and contribute in the subjects including welfare politics, social service policy, policy process and think tanks. I am also a committee memeber of East Asian Social Policy research network (EASP).

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