Prof. Bo-Yung Kim

boyung-profileBA (Yonsei University, Korea), PhD (York University, UK)

Associate Professor
Department of Saemaul Studies & International Development
Department of Regional Development & Welfare Administration
(Graduate Course)
College of Political Science & Public Administration
Yeungnam University
Gyeongsan-si, Korea

Academic Interest Areas

  • Idea and policy develepment
  • Political ideology in Britain
  • Social care policy
  • Policy transfer between West and East
  • Service delivery and public management
  • East Asian social policy
  • Content analysis
  • Global social policy

Brief Biography

The lectureship in Yeungnam University was awarded after 5 years of study in York for PhD transferred from MA in Public Service Management. Before coming to Britain, I was involved in variouse campaigns for policy reforms as an activist in a leading NGO in Korea (People’s Solidarity for Paricipatory Democracy, PSPD).

During PhD study in York, I had been International Consulting Advisor for National Health Insurance Cooperation and also participated in a number of policy reports by governmental research institute for Korean government on social care, service delivery, social protection and family policy.

I have written a number of articles in Korean national newspapers including Hankyoreh, Ohmynews, and Pressian. I am also a committee memeber of East Asian Social Policy research network (EASP).

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